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Undulating hills and mountains are familiar sights in the beautiful area of Trentino, Italy that hugs the northern most corner of the country. Its majestic, snow-covered mountainous peaks of the Dolomites tower over the region showing its grand stature. Trentino, with the capital Trento, is situated in Italy’s northern area with Verona to its south and Bolzano to its north. It sits within the Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino trio which makes up the historic Tyrol region. There is great history in Trentino which was at one point part of Austria until it was occupied by Italy.

Canaletto Winery, bringing forth more than 50 years of history, sits in the historic Trentino. Canaletto combines modern winemaking techniques with high quality grapes and is known for its everyday value wines that offer a great place at the dinner table. Since the early 1970s, Canaletto has been sharing its wines with many wine lovers in foreign markets outside of Italy.

Trentino is an enchanting place with every village, lake, city and tradition having their own stories. Among Trentino’s historic museums, artwork and markets are sprawling vineyards. Trentino is one of the smaller wine-producing regions yet one of the most renowned ones. It is known for its hot, sunny days and much cooler nights which is a climate that allows grapes, particularly white grapes to thrive there. Most of the vineyards sit on hilly slopes which gives intense sun exposure, producing great phenolic components to the wine. This alpine area can often produce unexpected results due to its rugged terrain. However, the Dolomites offer great protection from the severe winds and weather of the region.

Canaletto focuses on two main varietals that are its shining stars – Canaletto Pinot Grigio and Canaletto Rosé.

Canaletto Pinot Grigio is a fresh vibrant, lighter style with a beautiful, bright acidity that is reminiscent of this area. Its Pinot Grigio is a leader in this region. The winery team harvests the grapes in mid-September at just the right temperatures. It shows a distinct floral bouquet on the nose. The flavors on the palate display red apple, and citrus notes. The wine is stainless steel fermented which allows it to maintain its fresh acidity. This pairs beautifully with lighter dishes – warm asparagus topped over risotto and parmigiano cheese, grilled white fish, like Sea Bass or Mahi Mahi and grilled chicken with red potatoes sprinkled with olive oil and rosemary.

Canaletto Rosé of Pinot Grigio is a beautiful rendition of a lighter style Rosé made from the Pinot Grigio variety. The grapes for the rosé also are harvested in mid-September at just the right temperatures and after de-stemming and soft pressing, the wine ferments in stainless steel tanks before preparing for time in the bottle. The freshness of this rosé is evident. It displays strawberry and raspberry fruit notes backed by a racy, yet mild acidity. The rosé is versatile in food pairing. It marries well with arugula salad with feta cheese and roasted almonds, roasted turkey atop grilled broccoli rabe or polenta and sauerkraut.

The food of the region, known for polenta, sauerkraut, gnocchi and bread dumplings are good partners for the fresh, vibrant whites and rosés of the area, like both Canaletto’s Pinot Grigio and Rosé. The region’s game meats pair nicely with the region’s lighter style red wines. Canaletto wines deserve a place at every table, offering a great gastronomic experience.

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