New Journal Book Release Notes to Savor

It has been a busy few months between travel, work, mom duties and the development of a journal that I have been working on for the last year. I am thrilled to say that the new journal book release Notes to Savor is printed and here!

My travels abroad were my inspiration for creating this journal, Notes to Savor. I wanted to give you a space that you can use to document and hold close those personal or business moments in time that you savor most. Just like I do.  

This custom-designed embossed linen 7.5″ x 10″ hard cover journal comes with 128 pages on 150g recycled paper. The inside front and back covers contain inspirational words with their Italian meanings. The custom date at the top allows you to write whenever you want, without the pressure of following a timeline. Get inspired, be creative, and savor your journey with this custom “Notes to Savor” journal. I hope you will grab one for yourself, family or friends to capture and embrace those most inspirational thoughts, new business ideas, everyday work notes or simple notes to yourself.

Purchase yours to start documenting and creating.  Designed in Rhode Island. Printed in Europe. A portion of the journal’s sales will be donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. 

new_journal _book_release_notes_to_savor_calendar
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