Top Five Travel Packing Tips For Going Abroad

Preparing for a trip abroad might not be your idea of fun! Yet it doesn’t have to be harrowing. So before you go on your next trip, read my top five travel packing tips to help alleviate some stress and make your journey a little easier. Enjoy!


Roll, roll, roll your clothes

  • I never fold my clothes in my suitcase. I roll everything – each piece of clothing. Rolling, instead of folding, saves space in your luggage. You, therefore, can fit more items inside without overstuffing it.

Create an outfit schedule

  • Create a daily schedule for your outfits. Know what you expect to wear on each day of your trip. This allows you to be more organized and in actuality prevents you from overpacking. You do not want your bag to exceed the weight limit by packing extraneous clothes that you might not ever wear. So if it doesn’t fit within your daily schedule, leave it out.

Black, black and more black

  • Pack at least one all-black outfit. Black jeans or pants and a black shirt or sweater for women and men. Black is chic and can look simple, or dressy without much effort, short of a few accessories. I always have one all-black outfit that I accentuate with a string of pearls or chunky bracelets. I can dress up the outfit with heels or make it more casual with black sneakers, when I am out strolling. The all-black outfit can transition easily from day to night. Also, all black is a staple in Europe. My favorite outfit is a pair of cabi black button up jeansAnthropologie black v-neck lace top and Marc Fisher Onna slingback pumps. Or if I am feeling a little vibrant, I’ll wear heels with a pop of color, like an orange pair I scored in Italy for less than $50 euros.

Makeup or toiletry bag contents

  • So what should you put in your makeup or toiletry bag when traveling abroad? Everything and anything that you would use on a daily basis at home. What is in my bag? Everything. I pack my entire makeup bag whenever I travel. Yet, I always bring extra moisturizer and eye cream. (My favorites are by Beautycounter.) Travel on planes can cause the skin to become quite dry. I always add extra cream to my face while on the flight, and when I get to my destination.

Carry-on luggage

  • Even if you check a bag, it’s good also to have a piece of luggage that you take on the plane. I always have a carry-on bag on any trip, even if I end up checking a bag. I keep core essentials in there for the “what ifs.” Always inside are toothbrush, toothpaste, glasses, contacts, allergy medicine, foundation, lipstick, extra outfit and extra undies. Yes, I pack underwear in my carryon. You just never know if you will get stuck, and I have seen this happen before when traveling with clients. Also, I pack sanitizing wipes and clean all the armrests and seat buckle for a little extra sanitization – no one wants to be sick on a trip.

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